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The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Mobile Content Marketers

Mobile apps? They didn’t come onto the scene until 2008 when Apple launched the App Store to coincide with the release of its second-generation iPhone. Available apps numbered around 500. Today–a mere six years later–millions of apps are available for download.

However, though hundreds of apps are downloaded every second, 22 percent are never used more than once. With such extensive industry saturation, how can mobile content marketers create and maintain a successful branded mobile app?

Let’s take a new-school approach to an old-school concept: It’s all about habit.

Habit #1: Listen Mobile content marketers too frequently speak without first taking the time and effort to listen. Before communicating your agenda, take a backseat and listen to your consumers. In this manner, content marketers can gain insight into what type of content people like. Learn the language, ingest the signals, and understand what is relevant. Only then should content marketers enter the conversation. Creating a meaningful connection with the consumer curates relationships that eventually become valuable commodities.

Habit #2: Be Personable Trying to think beyond the basic utility of an app and find other reasons for users to keep coming back is not easy. How can you create a more meaningful connection with your audience? What can an app offer that has the highest customer life time value?

Consider personalization. Take a weather app, for example: What about including updated weather reports based on a user’s location, or a customized city guide that offers pertinent weekly notifications on the comings and goings in your neighborhood? Perhaps the app could provide updates to local events or special travel offers at nearby airports. A weather app could consider letting appropriate partners provide additional content that is relevant to the audience. This opens up a new revenue stream that goes a step beyond advertising to provide true mobile content marketing. The bottom line is that apps that offer a personalized value add are going to stand out from the crowd, and continue to draw them in.

Habit #3: Be Relevant Just because you create an app doesn't mean everybody in the world is going to download it and/or use it repeatedly. You have to strategically align your content so people who want to learn more will come back to the app. Offering easy access to a consistently fresh flow of content is fundamental to transforming app users into app loyalists. Your app should offer value each and every time it’s accessed. Consumers who check in periodically (potentially your most devoted app users) and find nothing new, interesting, or useful will inevitably stop returning, visit less often, or perhaps even press delete to free up storage space.

Creating a stream of meaningful content is not as hard as it sounds. Brands are continually creating new content for a variety of marketing efforts across different channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and even printed magazines. Consider leveraging these types of outlets as direct feeds into your app. This will maintain a real-time relationship with your consumer.

Habit #4: Be Original Consumers are intelligent and know when brands are simply repurposing content for promotional reasons. It is imperative to surprise and delight with original, inventive content that veritably appeals to the app user. When branded mobile content provides information and is entertaining, it becomes infotainment. Amusing branded content is more likely to be thought-provoking, memorable, and socially shared. It doesn’t have to be lengthy–in fact, the shorter the better–but it does have to resonant and stay fresh.

Habit #5: Be Fresh Don’t let the lack of fresh, updated content bury your app in the App Store graveyard. The app market is saturated, and mobile marketers must consistently provide new or curated real-time content to the user. For example, according to The Wall Street Journal, the eight different real-time campaigns executed during the World Cup generated 2 million fan interactions across 200 different countries. Granted, content marketers can’t base their mobile strategies around events occurring once every four years; however, they can anticipate what content will be relevant and when.

Habit #6: Make It Easy Leverage existing content. This is not easy, especially in large organizations where it takes many departments to get your app updated. Brands may want to consider using a mobile content marketing platform that enables app updates in real time without involving IT or creating a new version in the App Store. This enables marketers to drive interesting app content that is favored by consumers.

Habit #7: Rinse. Lather. Repeat Content consumption, in general, has changed. Consumer behavior is constantly wavering. Content delivery is evolving. Mobile content marketers have little choice but to keep up.

Read the full article by Marla Schimke, VP of Marketing at Zumobi on CMO.com here.

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Zumobi Featured in New Ad Age Guide to Content Marketing ...

Any marketer can develop content, but creating high-quality, compelling material requires finding the right partner for your needs. Here Ad Age covers leading STRATEGY, CREATION, DISTRIBUTION & ANALYTICS for Content Marketing.

To learn more about this guide click here.

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Zumobi Sauza Mobile Experience Shortlisted for the 2014 I...

Selected for Groundbreaking Creativity and Impact, Beam Inc, Sauza “Girls Night” Mobile Party Planner is a finalist for the IAB MIXX’s “Rising Stars Mobile Rich Media Display” Award

SEATTLE, WA – September 24, 2014 – Zumobi, a leading mobile media and technology company, today announced that it is shortlisted for the IAB MIXX Award’s category, “IAB Rising Stars Mobile Rich Media Display.” This marks the second consecutive year the company has been recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, with last years Chevrolet Technology Series mobile content marketing experience winning a coveted Gold award for “IAB Standard Mobile Rich Media Display.”

The overall objective of the Sauza Party Planner mobile content marketing experience was to create an innovative way to drive brand engagement and loyalty through interactive event planning scenarios that could be saved to a consumer’s mobile home screen for continued use and increased brand loyalty.

Targeted to females over the age of 21, the experience provides an exciting new way for ladies to plan their next social gathering from their mobile phone. Geared towards a more eclectic and trendy crowd, the Sauza Party Planner capitalized on tech-savvy party enthusiasts with a proclivity for popular culture and social media. This unique mobile solution featured recipes, activities, videos, and decorating tips, all of which could be shared via social media and saved as a Content Hub on their smartphone.

With results as high as 74 percent of users revisiting the content marketing experience, the team saw a 5.03 CTR, which is far above industry benchmarks.

You can visit the innovative mobile content marketing experience on your iPhone here: http://media.zumobi.net/ads/campaigns/jimbeam_sauza_2013_04/ads/campaign/centerstage_update/age_gate.html

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 30, at the 2014 IAB MIXX Awards celebration in New York City. For more information about the event, visit IAB MIXX Awards.