3 Creative Digital Ads Sure to Impress

3 Creative Digital Ads Sure to Impress

Digital marketers have their work cut out for them when it comes to creating compelling, personalized ads that drive clicks – and conversions – on the various channels consumers frequent. Marketers are, however, up for the challenge. According to IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report released in Oct. 2014, Internet ad spending climbed to a historic high of $23 billion for the first half of this year, marking an impressive 15 percent rise over 2013’s first-half ad revenues.

To ensure a return on their investment, brands must know which ads are currently catching the attention of today’s modern – and often distracted – online consumer. Here are such ads.

The CONTENT JOURNEY & Sauza Tequila

NBC is not alone when it comes to looking for innovative ways to drive brand engagement and loyalty. Targeting a female audience over the age of 21, Sauza Tequila enlisted the help of mobile media company Zumobi, Starcom MediaVest Group, Microsoft and Beam, Inc., to provide a fun new way for women with a proclivity for popular culture and social media to plan their next social gathering.

The result was the Sauza Party Planner, which takes tech-savvy party enthusiasts on a Sauza Tequila content journey. An in-app auto-expanding banner ad, which saw a 5 percent click-through rate, sets up the experience (see Image C). Once clicked, users are required to enter a birthdate (to pass the “age gate”) and are then taken to a branded, visually appealing quiz (or they can tab straight through to branded drink recipes) that gives them a tailored result set within a group of four categories (décor, food, drinks, music), plus one custom category. The types of questions users are asked in order to personalize their results range from, “What kind of cocktail or drink would you like to serve?” to “If I could describe my group of girlfriends in one word it would be:”.

Marla Schimke, VP of marketing at Zumobi, believes this type of experience – where people engage with a branded module on a content page that sets up the experience (e.g. “Plan Your Girls Night”) - serves as a best practices guide for brands wanting to utilize mobile to increase brand affinity and user engagement. What’s more, the content marketing experience’s 74 percent return rate serves as proof that consumers enjoyed the ad experience enough to re-engage with it. Zumobi’s “Content Hub” feature helped encourage users to return to the content, as it could be saved on their mobile home screen for continued use and social sharing.

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