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Advertisers not going mobile can’t afford to wait any longer

Advertisers not going mobile can’t afford to wait any longer

Mobile advertising is growing at an exponential rate and one of the best illustrations of its growth comes from Facebook’s most recently quarterly results. The company revealed earlier this month that for its third quarter ending in September mobile advertising revenue accounted for around 78% of advertising revenue or a whopping $10 billion in sales. This compares to 66% for the same period in 2014.

The number of ads shown has also increased dramatically and video advertising is also growing strongly for the social media network with more than eight billion video views now happening on Facebook every day, according to the company.

Users also rose dramatically – exceeding one billion for the first time in the quarter and with monthly active mobile users now standing at 1.4 billion, it’s a market that no-one can afford to ignore.

Given consumers are increasingly mobile orientated, getting onboard with mobile marketing is a must for those brands that have yet to realise its potential, according to Marla Schimke, vice president of marketing at Zumobi.

In its research for 2013 to 2015 Zumobi says that social use on mobile devices grew 103% and growth this year will likely be even more rapid. Couple this with mobile surpassing desktop in a number of areas this year, and results such as those achieved by Facebook, and it’s no surprise that the urgency is there for other advertisers to get on board and exploit the hugely growing channel too. “For smart marketers following consumer trends the huge rise in mobile marketing advertising revenue shouldn’t come as a surprise at all but as the reasonable next step in strategic marketing plans,” says Schimke.

It’s a trend that can’t be ignored, she says. “It’s safe to say that mobile marketing’s proven effectiveness shows no sign of being a fleeting fad. When you combine the power of mobile with content you have an intersection of two of the most important trends in marketing,” says Schimke. Indeed Schimke says she believes that mobile content marketing will be one of the hottest trends in 2016 and beyond.

So what of the companies that are struggling to reinvent themselves, or haven’t yet started the transition to the mobile age? Schimke says the journey must start now or such brands risk losing out. “Brands need to reimagine traditional digital advertising methods such as email campaigns, pop-up ads and web banners and institute a content marketing strategy that allows customers to go on a personalised content powered journey with the brand,” she says.

Personalisation is a huge trend - in everything from the customer experience in retail to marketing - and is something most forward thinking brands and companies are aiming for. This means that the role that custom content can play is also hugely powerful in marketing the mobile message. “In a recent survey 90% of consumers said that they find custom content useful, as opposed to pop-up ads which more and more consumers are installing ad blockers to dissuade. In order to activate a consumer and get them to engage with your brand, ultimately leading to people to become brand loyalists, custom content on mobile is key,” says Schimke.

Whilst original content is obviously the most powerful marketing tool repurposing existing content can also work well, according to Schimke, since it can bring in content from other channels and be more visible. “The great thing about mobile content marketing specifically is that you can pull from various channels with existing brand content and host it in the place with the most consumer eyes - a mobile content hub like experience,” says Schimke.

It's a market that will continue to increase in its sophistication, but it’s an opportunity brands and advertisers must realise as soon as possible.

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