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Brands: How to harness the power of mobile

Brands: How to harness the power of mobile

The mobile space continues to be a kind of Wild West for brands - there are branded mobile sites, review hubs, m:commerce marketplaces, apps and a host of other engagement opportunities. Apps may hold the most value because consumers who download apps want them. How can brands better harness apps?

First, look to the branded app space.

"Brands should first look to their own branded apps where their most loyal opt-in audiences are," said Marla Schimke, VP of Marketing at Zumobi. "How can they engage their users and create brand loyalist? Consider the millions that they are already spending on creating powerful content. From their videos to blogs and social media - the key is getting this dynamic content in their apps. For brands to reap the full benefits of mobile, they need to invest in a reliable way to leverage existing content."

Second, consider content hubs.

"Rich content has likely already been developed--so there's no need to recreate the wheel. But as is the case for many brands, there is a gap in their ability to leverage their tremendous digital footprint and user base of their apps, potentially losing out on optimal opportunities," said Schimke. "Implementing a Content Hub and providing dynamic content is important and when combined with user data - brands can create a unique dialogue with their consumers. They can leverage that data across all their channels improving their customer journey."

Third, keep things fresh.

"It is important for brands to keep their apps fresh. -- apps need to be updated frequently with fresh and engaging content to give consumers a reason to return," said Schimke.

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