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Dodge RAM leverages Zumobi's Field & Stream in Multi-Channel Sponsorship Strategy

Dodge RAM leverages Zumobi's Field & Stream in Multi-Channel Sponsorship Strategy

Zumobi’s Field & Stream app was featured in Mobile Marketer’s article about Dodge RAM Trucks’ multi-channel approach to sponsorship. With Zumobi’s award-winning ZBi platform hard-wired into the app, sponsorship of Field & Stream allowed Dodge to present a thorough, innovative ad experience to a prime truck-buying audience. Zumobi’s VP/Marketing Marla Schimke had this to say:

“The Field & Stream campaign with Ram is a great example of taking a comprehensive approach that’s based on community interaction across multiple platforms. We understand the importance of connecting brands with their audience in a native and organic way that is tailored to how consumers are naturally interacting with content and are pleased with the engagement Ram is seeing from the mobile ad campaign.”

The level of positive audience engagement advertisers can develop on ZBi simply isn’t possible on less-advanced ad platforms. No less-advanced ad platform could have brought Dodge RAM’s Deer Camp creative concept to life the way ZBi can, and did.

“To drive a compelling native experience on mobile for the RAM brand, we knew that incorporating a rich video experience would prove critical to connecting with the audience within the Field & Stream app…By bringing a more holistic rich media approach with the ZBi platform, we are addressing a major pain point for publishers while providing advertisers with innovative brand experiences that are native to the experience.”

Read more of Ms. Johnson’s Mobile Marketer article here. Click here to learn more about Zumobi’s award-winning ZBi ad technology.

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