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Microzines curate content from multiple sources into an engaging mobile experience.





Microzine Features

Shoppable Content

Include related products next to article and video content to promote purchase.

Related Articles

Feature related articles at the end of content posts to make it easy for users to read more.

Integrate Calls to Action

Include download your app, sign-up for newsletters, etc. to drive customer registrations for future engagement.

Include Video

Utilize video from YouTube and other sources within content tiles and inline on the home page.

Encourage sharing

Integrate sharing functionality to make it easy for users to share your content.

Include Promotions

Special offers, coupons, etc. encourage to users to take action and drive customer registration.

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Use Push Publishing to Target Your Audience.

Zumobi push publishes Microzines to your audience by building custom audience targets that utilize mobile specific targeting techniques and ad formats.

mobile interstital



Mobile Interstitial

Interstitial ads cover the full screen of a mobile device and offer users a high-level of engagement with your brand. Microzine interstitials are typically displayed at natural transition points in the flow of an app or mobile website destination, such as between articles or activities.

Mobile Web Destination

A mobile web destination is a website or URL dedicated to your Microzine’s mobile content marketing experience that is optimized across all mobile devices. It can be accessed through mobile ads such as banners.

In-app Integration

A Microzine can live as a special mobile content marketing section in your app that can be reached via a call-to-action link or button within the content of your app, as well as within the your app’s Menu options. Zumobi makes integrating a Microzine in your app easy.

Microzine Engagement Metrics Are 5x Industry Averages

• Industry Average • Microzines
3.6% Interaction Rates
38 Seconds Time Spent

Microzine Examples

Dynamic content via Apple Music API, New releases featured weekly, Watch video inside the Microzine, 3-Month Free Trial offer integration, Targeted to people with music apps
Moving Checklists, How To Videos, 20% Off Coupon Integration, “Your Move” Newsletter Sign-up, Content from Pinterest
Inline auto play video, Income based content & segments, Contact form integration, Curated content by segment, Related articles modules
Microzines for Crossfit, Running & Fitness, Sport Specific Shoppable Content Integration, Calls to Action to “Be More Human” site, Integrated Video Content, Dynamic Content from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
Product Recipe Content, $2 off Walmart Coupon, Apple & Android Pay Coupon Delivery, Store Location Geo-Targeting, Store Locator Integration
Aggregate sponsored content produced by world class publishers such as Bloomberg, Quartz and the Washington Post, Showcases six auto-play inline videos within the content stream, Integrated links to download annual report, Sponsored content curated around topics such as iOT & Cybersecurity
Aggregated Content from Xfinity Home & YouTube, Click to Call functionality so users can easily dial Xfinity from their mobile phone, Integrated calls to action so users can easily request a free quote
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