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Taking Mobile Customer Engagement to the Next Level

Taking Mobile Customer Engagement to the Next Level

Mobile is on a tear. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, mobile is expected to be the prevailing channel used by younger bank customers in the next five years. Meanwhile, Gartner predicts that by 2017, mobile commerce will represent half of all digital commerce revenue in the U.S. And it's not just Millenials who are working their mobile devices feverishly - according to Deloitte, the 55+ crowd is experiencing the fastest year-over-year increase in smartphone penetration in developed countries.

As consumers continue to expand their use of mobile devices to interact with brands, this is creating enormous opportunities for marketers to strengthen engagement with customers. Understanding how target customers use their mobile devices and the type of content they consume is a great way to identify effective ways to connect with intended audiences.

The use of behavioral data and analytics can help marketers to better understand customer tendencies on an intricate level. As Marla Schimke, vice president of marketing at Zumobi shared with me recently, bank officials who discover that target customers are conducting research on mortgages can take steps to ensure that mortgage information is accessible through mobile apps offered by the bank.

Mobile content can and should be optimized for specific customer groups and by device type as well. For instance, Zumobi created a mobile content hub for an automaker that's intended to keep technology enthusiasts active with using the company's mobile app.

Research reveals that the use of rich media can also drive higher click-through rates and deeper engagement with mobile users. As consumers spend an increasing amount of time using their mobile devices, marketers can analyze customer behaviors to identify the best experiences to create for specific use cases.

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