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Research Proves Mobile Content Marketing Leads the Way as All Eyes Turn to Mobile

SEATTLE, WA. – SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 – Zumobi, a leading mobile technology company specializing in mobile content marketing solutions, today released an infographic revealing the untapped opportunities for brands to harness the power of mobile content marketing strategies. Comprised of industry insights, the infographic uncovers content marketing’s potential as mobile use has increased 76 percent year-over-year since 2013. Zumobi’s Mobile Content Marketing Infographic can be found here Zumobi.com/infographic.

With mobile surpassing desktop use across generations, according to comScore’s Global Mobile Report, for the first time brands have an unprecedented opportunity to engage, activate and convert existing mobile users on their preferred digital medium. Not only is mobile the perfect engagement platform, but content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing. Additionally, as 71 percent of consumers are open to receiving personalized promotions and offers from preferred brands and retailers, uniting mobile with content marketing is the next phase in successful mobile app engagement strategies.

“With the mobile landscape so influential and content marketing proven to be the most effective way to reach consumers, we’re right at the ideal intersection between the two—offering an untapped opportunity for marketers that’s personalized and data driven,” said Marla Schimke, VP of Marketing at Zumobi. “As the infographic presents, seven out of every eight minutes of mobile use is spent in app. If a brand is not leveraging its mobile potential through content marketing initiatives, they’re missing a massive engagement opportunity.”

Additional findings from Zumobi’s Mobile Content Marketing Infographic include:
• Americans spend almost three hours per day on their mobile devices.

• 61 percent of millennials use mobile over desktop.

• By vertical, “Lifestyle and Shopping” grew 174 percent year over year on mobile.

• 80 percent of the world’s population owns a smartphone.

For more information on the infographic or to get a demo of Zumobi’s Mobile Content Marketing Platform, Zbi, please visit www.zumobi.com.

Zumobi is a leader in Mobile Content Marketing Solutions. Global brands leverage the Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform to power dynamic Mobile Content Hubs to increase discovery, customer engagement, activation and conversion in their native smartphone and tablet apps. The Zbi Platform also provides unique visibility into content consumption patterns enabling marketers to enhance their customer profiles using data to optimize their re-targeting and cross-channel marketing efforts. Zumobi has been pioneering mobile technologies since 2006. To learn more, visit www.zumobi.com or follow Zumobi on Twitter @Zumobi.

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