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Zumobi Reveals A New Secret Weapon For Brands In The Battle For Search Prominence: Mobile Content Marketing

Zumobi Reveals A New Secret Weapon For Brands In The Battle For Search Prominence: Mobile Content Marketing

Whitepaper Highlights How Brands Can Leverage In-App Content to Improve Their Marketing and Search Rankings By Over 50%

SEATTLE, WA. – JANUARY 14, 2016 – Zumobi, a leading mobile technology company specializing in mobile content marketing solutions, today released a whitepaper that divulges the latest secret weapon for brands in their ongoing battle for search prominence: mobile content marketing. Comprised of industry examples, insights and best practices, Zumobi’s whitepaper informs brands of how they can leverage mobile content marketing to enable in-app content to be discoverable in search results for the first time. Zumobi’s “Mobile Content Marketing: The New Search Secret Weapon,” can be found here.

Historically, in-app content has gone unseen through the eyes of major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, creating a massive divide between web and mobile content. Through the Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform, in-app content can now be indexed to help broaden a brand’s search footprint and improve their SEO.

Results from early tests indicate a significant boost in mobile search ranking – over 50 percent improvement – when leveraging Zumobi’s app indexing support. Even more, the brand’s app icon is featured prominently with the content appearing in search results, which creates an instant visual connection between the brand and its content. Zumobi’s Zbi Platform automates this entire process and ensures that all content is optimized for the new era of mobile search. This elevates a brand’s relevance in search results and also increases app discoverability, which can lead to more app downloads.

“Mobile content marketing is transforming the digital marketing landscape as a leading strategy for driving customer acquisition, activation, and loyalty,” said Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi. “With the recent development of in-app content becoming accessible to search engines, savvy marketers can now leverage their content in a totally new way to optimize their search results.”

Multiple opportunities have emerged for brands through mobile content marketing due to the development of App Indexing. But with benefits also comes challenges. Zumobi’s “Mobile Content Marketing: The New Search Secret Weapon” whitepaper walks marketers through both sides of this emerging technology with insights and best practices, including:

• How mobile content marketing that leverages search, content and apps, will improve mobile search rankings.

• Why more content, in all locations including web, responsive mobile web, and apps, means better odds of providing relevant content to a larger number of queries—drawing more attention to a brand and its app.

• How a mobile content marketing technology platform can automate an app indexing process to improve SEO results.

• Why non-optimized content hierarchies and content that is only available in one location such as the app or website will not take advantage of the cumulative effects of a search engine’s prioritization rules and won’t maximize search listings.

For more information on “Mobile Content Marketing: The New Search Secret Weapon” whitepaper, or to get a demo of Zumobi’s mobile content marketing platform, please contact us today.


Zumobi is a leader in Mobile Content Marketing Solutions. Global brands leverage the Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform to power dynamic Mobile Content Hubs to increase discovery, customer engagement, activation and conversion in their native smartphone and tablet apps. The Zbi Platform also provides unique visibility into content consumption patterns enabling marketers to enhance their customer profiles using data to optimize their re-targeting and cross-channel marketing efforts. Zumobi has been pioneering mobile technologies since 2006. To learn more, follow Zumobi on Twitter @Zumobi.

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