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Zumobi Shares Insider Secrets of App Monetization and Promotion

Zumobi Shares Insider Secrets of App Monetization and Promotion

Native Advertising Pioneer Publishes App Marketing ‘Playbook’; Including Best Practices Proven to Increase Downloads and Monetize for Mobile Apps

SEATTLE, WA – August 20, 2013 – Zumobi, a leading mobile media company, today unveiled a series of best practices and findings based on successful app monetization and promotion strategies of leading brands such as NBC News, Popular Science and The Week. This newly released white paper called Zumobi’s App Promotion & Monetization Best Practices Playbook, unveils a series of surprises such as the performance gap between apps that are promoted through email marketing (34 percent) versus ads run on other apps (82 percent) and within newsletters (41 percent). While these performance metrics are still quite impressive when compared to traditional banner ads, the key takeaway of the report is for app marketers to think beyond placement in the app store and consider the entire marketing mix when looking to increase downloads and monetize an app.

According to Nielsen, the average U.S. smartphone user has 41 apps downloaded to their device and spends 39 minutes using apps per day. In addition to the volume of apps, developers must battle for engagement as 80-90 percent of apps are eventually deleted, and fewer than 5 percent are actively being used 20 days after download. Using the best practices outlined in Zumobi’s Playbook, publishing partners have successfully increased user engagement and the ability to monetize their app.

Zumobi’s findings also reveal that spotlighting apps on a publisher’s homepage yielded the highest number of downloads (70 percent), second only to advertisements run across the publisher’s app network, which generated 82 percent of downloads during a 30-day period. Overall highlights of the Playbook include the following month-over-month performance metrics:

  • 82% - App ads run on publisher networks yield 82 percent more app downloads
  • 70% - App spotlight promotions on app publisher homepages yield 70 percent more app downloads
  • 41% - Newsletter app promotions yield 41 percent more app downloads
  • 34% - Email blast for the app yields 34 percent more app downloads

“As the first company to build native ads exclusively for the mobile platform, Zumobi has worked closely with publishers to sharpen app strategies, development and business models. Today, publishers have a handful of options to monetize their mobile apps like implementing our native ZBi advertising platform,” said Marla Schimke, VP of Marketing at Zumobi. “Our Playbook offers several effective ways that publishers can drive significantly more downloads, user engagement, and revenue. And, it’s based on the proven success we have achieved with our partners.”

Zumobi has demonstrated significant momentum over the last year seeing a 37 percent average engagement rate on Zumobi Brand Integration (ZBi) rich media campaigns in Q4 2012 and driving an impressive average click-through-rate of 5.6 percent in Q1 2013. In addition, users spent as much as 6.4 minutes interacting with their native ad experiences per ad session. This highlights the increasing importance of integrated mobile advertising as consumers continue to shift their attention from desktop to mobile. This is proven by the recent announcement from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that for the second year in a row, mobile achieved triple-digit growth year-over-year. The past year saw the mobile category surge 111 percent to $3.4 billion, pivoting off of 2011’s record-breaking 149 percent year-over-year rise to $1.6 billion.

To see all of Zumobi’s mobile ad campaign formats, features and functions in action, be sure and download the new Zumobi app for iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id627630219?mt=8 and Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zumobi.zbisampleapp. If you interested in learning more about the ZBi native advertising platform, download the ZBi SDK or to see the most cutting-edge native mobile advertising campaigns to date check out Zumobi’s new Ad Lab http://www.zumobi.com/adlab for a collection of our favorites.

About Zumobi

Zumobi is a leading mobile media company that partners with top media brands to publish applications and provide integrated advertising experiences on next-generation smartphones and connected devices. Zumobi’s portfolio of applications comprise The Zumobi Network, a premium mobile app network that offers brand advertisers a high-quality, transparent and brand safe environment to showcase their brands and engage with their audiences. Through Zumobi’s Brand Integration (ZBi) rich media ad platform, the company enables leading advertisers to truly connect with consumers in a way that is highly immersive, yet organic to the app experience. To learn more, visit www.zumobi.com or follow Zumobi on Twitter @Zumobi.

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