Zumobi is highlighted in DMNews’ 2015 Content Marketing Essentials Guide

Zumobi is highlighted in DMNews’ 2015 Content Marketing Essentials Guide

MARLA SCHIMKE, VP of Marketing, Zumobi

Content will always be king, but how we distribute it has drastically changed. Content, once only watched on black-and-white TV screens at specific programming times, can now be accessed by billions via millions of sites like YouTube or Vine—anytime, anywhere thanks to the smartphone. Content delivery has changed dramatically. For the first time ever, mobile viewing has exceeded TV, according to analytics firm Flurry. However, content that tells a story, inspires, and excites will always be in vogue—be it 1950 or 2050.

Recently, the Content Marketing Institute found that 84% of marketers are working to find more outlets and better ways to repurpose their branded content. Content placement, or the “where,” is just as important as good content. Today, brands have numerous vehicles for content dispersion, such as their own branded apps, right at their fingertips. With these apps, users have already opted in and are more inclined to become brand loyalists. To keep users coming back, brands can present fresh, dynamic in-app content by way of a mobile content hub. In ag- gregating their existing content from multiple channels like blogs, RSS feeds, and, of course, social media, they can create the optimal audience. Good content is a requirement. Good content placement? That’s business.

Download the DMNews’ 2015 Content Marketing Essentials Guide featuring Zumobi on page 15.

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